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The Founder and Principal of SASSATO LLC, Dan Wacksman, has over 25 years of senior-level experience in hotel and travel in the areas of marketing, distribution, and overall business management. Dan developed Sassato to fill a gap experienced by most organizations of having to quickly bring in capable and ready-to-run leaders to assess, recommend, and deliver on key initiatives. Sassato will quickly improve performance in marketing, distribution, technology, and strategic implementations during times of need.


Think of Sassato as the "Seal Team 6" of hospitality and travel (but much geekier), who will come in and quickly fill holes, solve problems, and rescue projects, but without the cost of adding more headcount. 

Before launching Sassato, Dan was Senior Vice President of Marketing and Distribution for Outrigger Hotels and Resorts and was responsible for Outrigger’s online assets, online and offline marketing efforts, contact center operations, overall distribution strategy as well, and company-wide strategic initiatives. Before this, he was Managing Director for GTA China and Regional Director for GTA Asia, where he had overall responsibility for offices throughout the region. Previously held roles include; General Manager of, an Online Travel Agency based in Beijing, in its JV start-up phase, and Director of Strategic Development for Travelport where he was involved in acquisitions and strategic initiatives. Dan is the co-creator and instructor of the popular Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials online course and currently serves as the chair for the Hotel Sales and Marketing Associations (HSMAI) Marketing Advisory Board and teaches an executive education class at the University of Hawaii’s, School of Travel on digital marketing.  Full Bio.



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Sassato is a Japanese word (さっさと); it is often translated as "quickly" but it is more nuanced than that.
A rough interpretation might be “Don’t waste time,  just get it done,” and that is our philosophy.  We strive to help companies quickly, efficiently, and effectively achieve their goals.  

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