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Dan is a frequent speaker at industry and company events on various topics and is known for his candid and engaging style.


Dan also teaches a digital marketing course at the University of Hawaii and is adept at developing material and presentations for all types of audiences and topics.  


Recent topics include:


Artificial Intelligence

Productivity Traps & Solutions

Digital and Revenue Management

How Small Brands Can Compete

OTA Hotel Relationships

Disruption in Travel

Digital Marketing Approach & Strategies

and many more. 


"We have high standards for speakers at the Direct Booking Summit. So when I saw Dan light up the room at another conference I was instantly jealous. We just had to get him. Dan did a fabulous job balancing sharp insight (from years of sweating the details in hotel marketing) and a relaxed, humorous manner with the audience. What a lovely fellow, and so smart too!"

Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease, Triptease

"I've had the pleasure of working with Dan at a number of conferences, his presentations are always extremely well received as they are creative, engaging and funny.  He is not afraid to be a bit controversial and challenge people's thinking. 


He would be among my first calls if I needed a speaker or a panelist, as I know he will deliver."

Susan Black, Chief Commercial Officer at CIE Tours International 

"Dan's presentation was terrific — insightful, engaging, and fun — and perfectly set up our session." 

Chris Durso, Vice President of Content Development at HSMAI  
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