Vendor Selection/RFP Process


When making a decision about an important vendor, this process takes an inordinate amount of time from internal teams, and often takes months longer than expected to complete due to limited resources. We can lead  the process, from RFP creation through contract negotiation, freeing up your team to focus on the day-to-day running of your core business.  

Vendor Management & Assessment


Need another set of eyes and experienced manpower to manage and/or assess a vendor's performance? Our years of experience managing vendors, writing, assessing, executing RFP/RFQ, and selecting the right person, team or company to do the job will streamline your operations and strategically match the right vendor to your needs.

Program/Project Management


Kicking off a new project or managing a project that needs help? We can assist by taking over the leadership of components, or entirety, ensuring project success. Areas of mastery include:

  • Marketing Campaign Implementations

  • Marketing Technology Implementations 

  • Distribution Technology Implementations

  • On-boarding new vendors

Interim/Fractional Executive


Perhaps you have a hole in your organization due to an unfilled position,  a pending reorganization or you just need help and need to bring in a senior-level, experienced executive to assist for a defined period of time. Or, perhaps you need assistance and guidance on an ongoing basis, but not full-time; we can be your "fractional" CMO, VP of marketing, distribution, revenue management, etc. filling the gaps where and when needed ensuring your team is running at fill speed.

Acquisition Due Diligence


Looking at a potential acquisition? 

We can lead the overall due-diligence or focus, specifically on marketing and distribution, enabling you to make a clear decision on the acquisition and key post-acquisition tasks. 

New Property Integration


When you acquire or open a new property and need assistance with the integration into current systems and processes (or ensuring effective transition), we can  develop an integration/transition plan and/or lead the effort as either the overall leader or as a key team player overseeing marketing, distribution, and technology integration.

Asset Management


Our expertise can handle total asset management, or we can work with your current team of asset managers or ownership, leveraging our experience overseeing the marketing and distribution aspects for your property or portfolio.

Lack of resources, siloed approach, and internal politics often lead to projects, assignments and initiatives, that either fail, fail to fully achieve the intended goals, or drag on months longer than necessary.

One of our core competencies is the ability to come into an organization and add leadership firepower to your team ensuring that the job gets done.  We understand the travel and hospitality industry and can quickly come into the organization, ramp up and execute on your goals; we are ready to run

We enable you by bringing in an experienced, senior-level team member to solve the issue at hand, without incurring the long-term cost of hiring a full-time employee.


Think of SASSATO as the "Seal Team 6" of hospitality and travel (but much geekier), who will come in and quickly fill holes, solve problems, and rescue projects, but without the cost of adding more headcount. 

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