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Nothing is more important than developing your people and building a strong team. In this area we offer support to help your team develop and thrive, this includes meeting facilitation, training & development, and coaching. 


Explore the world of industry-specific training with, our sister company founded by industry veterans Holly Zoba and our very own Dan Wacksman. At hotelbschool you can find training on marketing, sales, revenuem, management, hotel technology and more. The core tenets of hotelbschool are:

Practitioners, not Professors

Existing education is too theoretical and not being taught by active practitioners. HotelBSchool training is practical and is taught be the people in the trenches. People who work in these areas and understand the challenges and solutions in depth.

Addressing Real Challenges, With Real Solutions
Existing online training either doesn’t exist, or may be of poor quality. HotelBSchool has strict quality control, ensuring only the best training and instructors’ content is available. HotelBSchool works with instructors to develop, edit and produce the training to ensure it meets our high standards.

The one-stop site for Hotel Training
Existing online training is hard to find and access. HotelBSchool will create or aggregate hotel training in one easy-to-use platform and offer those in the industry who want to share their knowledge a platform to do so.

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Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials - In conjunction with Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) we are offering an instructor-led web class on the essentials of digital marketing, For more details click here. Customized and live in-person courses can be arranged.
Customer training can be developed on topics including Digital Marketing, Bridging the Gap between Revenue Management and Digital Marketing,   Distribution Strategy, Speaking, and presentation Skills, and much more. 

Meeting Facilitation

An outside facilitator often enables more effective meetings by allowing all team members to participate without the pressure of leading the meeting. It creates an environment that is viewed as impartial, eliminating the "politics" allowing for potentially uncomfortable issues to be raised more readily. It also keeps the meeting on track and ultimately leads to increased accountability both during and after the meeting.  

Office Meeting
Basketball Coach

Ramp-Up Coach

Are you hiring a new senior-level team member requiring additional onboarding or a start-up new to the travel and hospitality space? We offer coaching and training for leaders and teams from different industries or disciplines, providing them with a tailored 'crash course' in travel and hospitality. Our goal is to create a customized plan that ensures a swift, impactful, and relevant transition.

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