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You and your team are experts in what you do, but it sometimes helps to get a fresh set of eyes, some external perspective, and expertise. 


We deep dive and develop detailed recommendations that will immediately impact your business. 

Discuss reports

"Health Check"

An outside expert can often see things that the internal team is missing. Our audits can be on specific areas, such as website, social media, or search engine marketing, or can be a full audit reviewing overall objectives, strategies, tactics, and results. Regardless of the area, we focus and will deliver a clear and concise report of recommendations and next steps.   

"Health Check"

Distribution and channel management is consistently shifting, new technologies and new strategies can drastically change our approach as strategies evolve. We come in seeking to fully understand your objectives, and develop a clear and concise report of recommendations and actionable next steps.

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Booking Engine
"Health Check"

Your hotel booking engine is the key to turning your lookers into bookers, and often it is the least optimized part of a hotel's website. Our Audits will review the full booking flow and make recommendations to improve; flow, usability, merchandising, and ultimately revenue performance.  

Key Contract

We have experience negotiating business terms with key industry vendors and partners and understand the leverage points to achieve the best possible outcome.  We assist on the business terms which will allow your counsel to focus on and finalize specific legal terms.  Our partner attorneys are also available to finalize the legal aspects of the contract, if needed.

The Contract
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Due Diligence

Looking at a potential acquisition? We can lead the overall due-diligence and focus, specifically on marketing and distribution, enabling you to make a clear decision on the acquisition and key post-acquisition operational needs. 

Non Executive Directorships (NED)

We have deep experience in the industry and can offer objective and constructive advice  to the executive management team on a broad range of business situations.

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Startup Advisory

We advise start-ups on overall business planning from strategic planning to business development and tactical implementations. 

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