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While Sassato offers services worldwide, our home is Hawai'i. 

When you choose Sassato, you secure unparalleled expertise combined with an intimate understanding of Hawai'i's unique market dynamics and culture, making Sassato the ideal partner to assist local hotels with their challenges.  We boast:


Deep-rooted Local Insight: Hawai'i is our home, and we have a thorough understanding of the market, culture, key players and needs within the local travel industry. Our team includes consultants who have called Hawai'i home for many years, raising families, establishing careers, and enriching the local community. Years of building relationships and careers in Hawai'i have provided us with unique perspectives and knowledge, as well as local connections that set us apart from the rest.

Hawai'i Industry Leaders: Sassato boasts an impressive panel of consultants with decades of experience in Hawai'i. Each of our senior consultants brings a different set of unique skills and expertise that are sure to meet your needs. Everything from development, operations, management, finance, accounting, technology, project management, strategy, and data analytics: Sassato has an expert for you.

Global Footprint: While Hawaii is our backyard, Sassato works across the globe with clients in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Continental US. This breadth gives Sassato a clear view of best practices and approaches. 

Local Portfolio: Currently, Sassato works with several Hawai’i-based hotel and vacation rental groups. 

We Get Sh*t Done: Sassato is a Japanese word (さっさと); it is often translated as "quickly," but it is more nuanced than that. A rough interpretation might be “Don’t waste time, just get it done,” and that is precisely our philosophy. We strive to help companies achieve their goals quickly, efficiently, and effectively. 

No one understands the Hawai'i hotel and travel industry better than a Hawai'i-based company. With strong roots in the Hawai'i hospitality and travel industry, Sassato will quickly improve your performance in marketing, distribution, technology, and strategic implementations. 

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Our Services

Our Local Experts.

Dan Wacksman
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Principal Consultant

Expertise: Strategy,  Distribution, Technology, Marketing, Project Management, and M&A

Mari Kam
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Senior Consultant

Expertise: Marketing, Social Media, Hawaii Market, and Project Management

John D. Neeley
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Senior Consultant

Expertise:  Information Technology, Hospitality Operations and Project Management

Lisa Menor Miller
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Senior Consultant

Expertise: Strategy, Finance, Accounting,  Operations, M&A, and Project Management


Principal Consultant

Founder and Principal, Sassato LLC

  • Worked with single hotels through to the world's largest brands on projects that have spanned from hotel transitions to training, to enterprise-wide technology decisions and implementations.

  • Co-creator and instructor for an industry-leading class on digital marketing, Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials, and Co-Author of the book, Hospitality Digital Marketing Essentials.


Senior Advisor for McKinsey & Co

  • Advisor in the Travel, Transport, and Logistics Practice, assisting with client engagements with some of the world’s largest travel companies. 


Senior Vice President, Outrigger Hotels and Resorts 

  • Oversaw media, digital, CRM, loyalty, contact center, distribution, and strategic initiatives.

  • Led the transition and implementation of all major marketing and distribution systems, including CRS, Booking Engine, CRM, Loyalty Program, Websites, etc.



  • Regional Director Asia/MD China, GTA – Restructured and repositioned the business which led to a significant increase in profitability.

  • Managing Director, – Led start-up joint venture OTA, to become the #3 player in the market at the time.

  • Director of Strategic Development, Travelport – Participated in over $2 Billion of acquisitions (due diligence, deals, and integration).

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