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John D. Neeley is an accomplished senior Information Technology executive offering over 35 years of demonstrated career success in executing strategic and tactical strategies to promote organizational growth and sustainability. Extensive global leadership experience in Technology, Business Development, and Application Development within a diverse range of industries. Results-oriented professional, recognized for taking on major initiatives, adapting to rapidly changing environments, and resolving mission-critical issues to ensure bottom-line success.


Experience Includes:

  • Hospitality / Information Technology Consulting, Sassato LLC 

  • VP, Information Technology, Outrigger Enterprises Group

  • Adjunct Instructor, Hawaii Pacific University

  • Consultant Systems Analyst, Lockheed Martin

  • Senior Systems Analyst, GTE Hawaiian Telephone

  • Software Developer, Bank of Hawaii


John holds a Master of Science in Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University.  Born in Texas, John has lived and traveled all over the world, but now considers Hawai’i his home.  John enjoys traveling, golf, hiking, softball, soccer, bicycling, food/wine/pubs, and live music.

Senior Consultant

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