The Covid-19 Crisis has caused travel to stall, but it will come back. Destinations, hotels and travel companies will need to be ready for the recovery.

With most companies operating on limited budgets and tight staffing, SASSATO can assist with recovery preparation in strategic planning, marketing, distribution, technology, distressed assets, and more. Contact us for more information.


Lack of resources, siloed approach, and internal politics often lead to projects,  that either fail, fail to fully achieve the  goals, or drag on longer than necessary.

We understand the travel and hospitality space and can quickly come in, ramp up and execute ; we are ready to run.


We enable you to bring in an experienced leader without incurring the long-term cost of hiring a full-time employee.

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You and your team are experts in what you do, but at times it helps to get a fresh set of eyes, some external perspective and expertise. 


We deep dive and develop detailed recommendations that will make immediate impact on your business. 


As a frequent industry speaker and university lecturer, Dan Wacksman has a reputation for his engaging and entertaining presentations that clearly bring the point home.

Dan speaks often on distribution, marketing, revenue management,  technology, and many other topics.  Dan can tailor a presentation for your needs.

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Nothing is more important than developing your people and building a strong team.


We offer support to help your team develop and thrive, this includes: meeting facilitation, training & development, and coaching


Sassato is a Japanese word (さっさと); it is often translated as "quickly" but it is more nuanced than that.


A rough interpretation might be “don’t waste time,  just get it done,” and that is our philosophy.  We strive to help companies quickly, efficiently and effectively achieve their goals.  

Years of senior-level experience in hotel and travel in the areas of marketing, distribution and overall business management



Think of SASSATO as the "Seal Team 6" of hospitality and travel (but much geekier), who will come in and quickly fill holes, solve problems, and rescue projects, but without the cost of adding more headcount. 

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