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With over 22 years of web development experience that spans early-stage startups to publicly traded companies, Bryan is a veteran of the industry. He’s spent the last 17 years dedicated to his passion for the hospitality industry. Bryan has been focused on developing best-in-class content management systems, booking engines, and user experiences that drive conversion and revenue generation.  Bryan has been a key contributor and advisor to Sassato since its inception.


Experience Includes:

  • As the Director Of Software Development for Red Lion Hotels, Bryan developed award-winning websites and booking engines resulting in record direct-to-consumer conversion rates and revenue\

  • Working as a consultant for Outrigger Hotels, Bryan oversees the marketing technology stack including user experience design and development, A/B testing and personalization strategies, website performance, and conversion rate optimization. In this role, Bryan led a booking engine conversion for the brand website, ongoing booking engine optimization, and two complete website re-designs. 

  • As a key member of the Sabre user group, Bryan has helped Sabre redevelop key aspects of its booking engine and has been a lead partner in testing the applications with his clients. 

Senior Consultant

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