Dan is a frequent speaker at industry and company events on various topics and is known for his candid and engaging style.


Dan also teaches a digital marketing course at the University of Hawaii and is adept at developing material and presentations for all types of audiences and topics.  


Recent topics include:


Artificial Intelligence

OTA Hotel Relationships

Digital and Revenue Management

How Small Brands Can Compete

Disruption in Travel

Digital Marketing Approach & Strategies

and many more. 

"We have high standards for speakers at the Direct Booking Summit. So when I saw Dan light up the room at another conference I was instantly jealous. We just had to get him. Dan did a fabulous job balancing sharp insight (from years of sweating the details in hotel marketing) and a relaxed, humorous manner with the audience. What a lovely fellow, and so smart too!"

Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease, Triptease

"I've had the pleasure of working with Dan at a number of conferences, his presentations are always extremely well received as they are creative, engaging and funny.  He is not afraid to be a bit controversial and challenge people's thinking. 


He would be among my first calls if I needed a speaker or a panelist, as I know he will deliver."

Susan Black, Chief Commercial Officer at CIE Tours International 

"Dan's presentation was terrific — insightful, engaging, and fun — and perfectly set up our session." 

Chris Durso, Vice President of Content Development at HSMAI  

Direct Booking Summit
HSMAI Digital Conference
HSMAI Digital Conference
Web In Travel - Singapore
Web In Travel - Singapore
Panel - View from the Top
Panel - View from the Top
HSMAI Curate - Speaking on AI
HSMAI Curate - Speaking in AI
Early Days in China Travel
Early Days in China Travel - Outbound Travel Symposium
Eye For Travel - Las Vegas
Airline Symposium- Hong Kong
International Airline Symposium - Hong Kong
Launch of Aoyou.com - Beijing
Launch of Aoyou.com - Beijing
Hawaii Convention Center
Travel Forum - Shanghai
Travel Forum - Shanghai
Eye For Travel-NYC
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Lack of resources, siloed approach, and internal politics often lead to projects, assignments and initiatives, that either fail, fail to fully achieve the intended goals, or drag on months longer than necessary.

One of our core competencies is the ability to come into an organization and add leadership firepower to your team ensuring that the job gets done.  We understand the travel and hospitality industry and can quickly come into the organization, ramp up and execute on your goals; we are ready to run

We enable you by bringing in an experienced, senior-level team member to solve the issue at hand, without incurring the long-term cost of hiring a full-time employee.


Think of SASSATO as the "Seal Team 6" of hospitality and travel (but much geekier), who will come in and quickly fill holes, solve problems, and rescue projects, but without the cost of adding more headcount. 

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Launch of Aoyou.com - Beijing

Launch of Aoyou.com - Beijing